How do the parties compare on climate emergency action?

Vote Climate scorecards ask the big questions about whether candidates and parties are taking leadership on the climate crisis.

Experience has shown that actions speak louder than words at election time. So we are particularly interested in the past actions of candidates and parties.

For large parties, we consider the party policy, not the views of the individual candidate, unless the candidate has clearly taken a stand in opposition to their colleagues. We consider the actions of the party when they have been in power, considering all levels of government.

For independents and candidates of small parties with little or no track record in government, important considerations are how much they campaign on climate change during the election, how centrally they place climate action in their published policies, and how they allocate their preferences. Those who preference candidates and parties with very poor climate policies are likely to make similar compromises if elected.

The front and back of the scorecards for Northcote and Preston district electorates in the 2018 Victorian election are shown below, together with a guide to voting in the upper house in Northern Region.