Vote Climate electorate scorecards

In the 2014  Victorian election, climate groups in several electorates produced scorecards rating candidates and parties on their climate, energy and transport policies from a climate emergency perspective. 

Vote Climate scorecards ask the big questions about whether candidates and parties are taking leadership on the climate crisis. Experience has shown that actions speak louder than words at election time. So we are particularly interested in the past actions of candidates and parties.

For large parties, we consider the party policy, not the views of the individual candidate, unless the candidate has clearly taken a stand in opposition to their colleagues. We consider the actions of the party when they have been in power, considering all levels of government.

For independents and candidates of small parties with positive policies, but little or no track record in government, important considerations are how much they campaign on climate change during the election, how centrally they place climate action in their published policies, and how they allocate their preferences. Those who preference candidates and parties with very poor climate policies are likely to make similar compromises if elected.

In recent elections we have seen parties allowing the media to assume bi-partisanship on climate and energy policies, while regularly dodging direct questions on the policy. One example of this was the reluctance of senior federal Liberal Party figures to answer direct questions about whether they would retain the Renewable Energy Target at it's current level when being interviewed during the 2013 federal election campaign.

Where parties or candidates regularly dodge direct questions on their policy, or make promises verbally or behind closed doors, but not in public and in writing, it seems prudent to assume the worst.

The front and back of the scorecard for Northcote electorate in the 2014 Victorian election are below. The back of scorecards for the Melbourne and Richmond electorates are also shown.

Federal election 2016 scorecards coming soon. 

Northcote Scorecard

Melbourne Scorecard

Richmond Scorecard