The Pirates Party have some positive climate change, renewable energy and anti coal and gas policies. Read more here

They have a principled preferencing policy which results in their preferences flowing in a generally climate friendly direction. Read more here.


There are a number of parties which are standing on climate change denial platforms. These include One Nation, Christian Democrats, Rise up Australia Party, and Katter's Australia Party. Read more here. Also, of course the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party, now rebranded as the Freedom and Prosperity Party. Their website link

The Palmer United Party has no policies on climate change apart from a commitment to abolish the carbon tax. They support an expansion of mining of all kinds. However, Clive Palmer is on record as a climate change denier. Read more here. Their stand on the Renewable Energy Target is unclear, although, Clive Palmer's most recent statement suggests that he does not support a mandatory renewable energy target. 

PUP supports a moratorium on CSG mining while the environmental and health impacts are reviewed. Press release here. However, Palmer has a generally strong pro-mining stance and history.  Read more.  Palmer has lobbied strongly for his own coal mining interests.

A number of parties, including the Sex Party, are single issue parties with no climate policies. The Sex Party are preferencing the ALP above the Greens. However, their preferences flow to the ALP and the Greens ahead of climate change denial microparties. Read more here.