Latest analysis by expert pollster Anthony Green suggests that the Liberals could win control of the Senate and thus be able to repeal the carbon price.

As reported in The Age:

If current polling continues, and Mr Abbott wins a majority in the House of Representatives, then to repeal the carbon tax he would need 39 votes in the Senate. Currently the Coalition controls 34 out of the 76 seats. 
The Coalition will win another seat in Tasmania and is likely to claim Greens' Senator Sarah Hanson-Young's South Australian seat, Mr Green said. 
hat takes them to 36 votes - three shy of the majority needed to repeal the tax. 
While the Coalition is unlikely to win any more Senate seats, it is likely the three extra seats it needs will be held by conservatives who oppose the carbon tax. Democratic Labor Party Senator John Madigan said the Coalition can count on his vote against it. That leaves only two more votes. '
'The key benefit of minor right-wing parties being elected to the Senate is it gives the new Coalition government a negotiation path for legislation through the Senate that doesn't involve talking to the Greens or Labor,'' Mr Green said. 
To get his way, Mr Abbott needs minor right-wing parties to swap preferences, and in several states he needs the left-wing vote to fall to historically low levels.
To control an extra Senate seat in Western Australia, Queensland or NSW, the combined first preference vote for Labor and the Greens would need to fall below 43 per cent.
Such plunges in the progressive vote almost never happen but Mr Green says it is likely in Western Australia and Queensland. 
Western Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlum looks set to lose his seat to a minor right-wing party, and in Queensland Labor will probably lose a seat to Bob Katter's Australian Party, which also opposes the carbon tax.
Clive Palmer's United Australia Party is also gaining traction in Queensland and could threaten Mr Katter's prospects.
If those results occur, regardless of what happens in NSW Mr Abbott will have the power to remove the carbon tax from the day the new Senate comes into effect: July 1, next year.

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