Some good news from a poll by World Wildlife Fund. More and more people are concerned about climate change and extreme weather is an important contributor to increasing awareness. It’s another reminder of the value of campaigning on personal impacts. People are more aware of and more concerned about issues that affect them directly – coal and gas in areas that are subject to the impacts from mining or fossil fuel power, sea level rise in coastal areas, fire risk in bush-fire risk areas and extreme weather for all of us.

The WWF funded survey shows that 72% of Australians believe humans are contributing to climate change whilst only 13% deny that humans have any impact. Another 15% are unsure. We are already well and truly in the majority. So let’s get on with making climate an issue in this election. And with helping the public and the politicians connect the dots between climate change and the need to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, away from roads and towards zero emissions transport, and towards climate friendly land use.