Greg Combet at Press Council lunch:

"Carbon pricing is here to stay,'' said Minister for Climate Change Greg Combet today in defiance of Coalition claims Labor should bow to an election mandate. Mr Combet said if Tony Abbott were elected Prime Minister "he cannot and will not repeal the carbon price''. "Labor will remain committed to it,'' he told the National Press Club in Canberra. "Tackling climate change has been in our platform for over two decades, and we will fight for what we believe in and for what we have achieved.''

Employment Minister Bill Shorten, a potential Labor leader should the Government fall on September 14, has also pledged to continue support for a market-based system to cut greenhouse emissions, and senior ministers have privately matched that pledge. That means a Coalition government led by Tony Abbott, who will insist the September 14 election is a "scrap the tax'' referendum, could be frustrated in the Senate where Labor and the Greens would still have the numbers until July next year....

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