A new report by the Climate Institute finds that emissions will increase not decrease under the Coalition's Direct Action policy and that costs would blow out by between $4b and $15b.

From Climate Institute press release:
The Coalition’s climate policy will see Australia’s emissions increase rather than decrease, exposing the Budget, our nation’s carbon competitiveness and its national climate interest.

These are conclusions from the most detailed independent assessment to date of the Coalition’s proposed climate policy conducted by The Climate Institute based on modelling by Sinclair Knight Merz-MMA (SKM–MMA) and Monash University’s Centre of Policy Studies.

“Even with conservative assumptions, the Coalition’s policy as it is currently defined would see Australia’s emissions rise about 9 per cent by 2020,” said John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute.

“To achieve their promised range of 2020 carbon cuts of 5 to 25 per cent below 2000 levels, the Coalition would need to spend at least an extra $4 billion to $15 billion by 2020.”