The Greens

Climate leadership?

  • View climate change as “the greatest threat to our world in human history”.

  • Accept that “this is the critical decade for combating climate change” and that we need to get to zero emissions and restore the atmosphere to below 350ppm of CO2.

  • Would work towards “binding Victorian emissions targets to achieve a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from all sources by at least 40% from 1990 levels by 2020, and net zero or negative greenhouse gas emissions as soon as feasible and by no later than 2050”.

  • Have used their federal balance of power to strengthen climate action. Have spoken out about the climate emergency and the link to extreme weather. At a federal level, put considerable pressure on the Labor Party to strengthen climate action, including an 80% by 2050 emissions reduction target.

Support for renewable energy?

  • Support a Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

  • Would work towards “implementing measures in Victoria which go towards achieving the Australian Greens' renewable energy target of 90% by 2030”.

  • Would work towards “the maximum use of renewable energy as an energy source; boosting small scale renewable energy generation, including by introducing a fair feed-in tariff and removing barriers to grid connection; supporting and assisting the development of markets for alternative sustainable fuels; [and] supporting the development and use of sustainable energy storage technologies”.

  • At a federal level, support “100% stationary electricity in Australia from renewable sources as soon as possible by increasing the renewable energy target (RET) and in addition measures such as feed-in tariffs and regulations to support a range of prospective new renewable energy technologies”.

Coal and gas expansion?

  • Recognise the need to rapidly phase out fossil fuels to address climate change.

  • Would work towards “phasing out the Victorian use of fossil fuels, using a combination of energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy”; “regulating the phase-out of existing coal-fired power stations, and banning development of new fossil-fuel based power stations”; “banning the exploration and development of new fossil fuel resources including coal seam and other forms of unconventional gas”; and “providing support … to those regions, businesses and communities particularly vulnerable to emissions mitigation programs, and in particular to the Latrobe Valley”.

  • Support “removing … perverse incentives that encourage use of fossil fuels and growth in energy consumption” and “ending support for the development of gas- and oil-from-coal, and CCS technologies”.

Phase out coal and gas power?

  • Support the phase-out of coal-fired power stations with provision of support to the regional communities affected.

  • Support the removal of incentives for fossil fuel energy use.

  • Policy update: Hazelwood, Anglesea and one of Yallourn's four units phased out in 2015. In 2023 the other three units in Yallourn and Loy Yang B would be retired. A Latrobe Valley taskforce would be established including members of the local community and experts in planning, employment and consultants from government and the private sector. It would be charged with rehabilitating mines and accelerating construction of solar farms and renewable projects over disused mines... would use money from the Commonwealth's Building Stronger Regions fund.  

Support energy efficiency?

  • Support a reduction in energy demand by 20% by 2020, with appropriate sectoral targets (for building sector, transport, etc) and improving the targets and coverage of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET).

  • Support providing financial assistance for concession holders to convert their homes to meet a 5-star standard.

  • Would: implement mandatory energy standards for buildings; require compliance with emissions standards and the disclosure of energy performance ratings for buildings prior to construction, refurbishment, sale or lease; set minimum energy and water efficiency standards for rental housing; and provide assistance to home-owners and landlords, for efficiency retrofits.

Would scrap the East West Link and reallocate the funding to public transport?

  • Have consistently opposed the East West Link and supported public transport. Recognise the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.
  • The Public Transport Users Association score the Greens' public transport policy as A, "for a good range of public transport upgrade policies, including relatively affordable tram extensions that will fill network gaps, and upgraded signalling for more trains, and a firm commitment to stop the East West Link."

Would establish the Great Forest National Park?

  • Support the establishment of the Great Forest National Park and oppose all clear-felling of native forests.